Management policy

Management Phillosophy

We aim to be a pioneer of specialty chemicals, including surfactants, and provide unique products that meet the needs of society across a broad range of fields, thereby contributing to a prosperous society.

Basic Policy

● Contribute to society as a medium-sized excellent chemical manufacturer and affiliated companies focusing on fine chemicals.
● Create unique products and technologies and continue to develop for the future.
● Always strive for coexistence with society and aim for harmony with the environment.
● Aim to be a company that is trusted by our business partners, that rewards its shareholders and employees, and that works proudly.

Management Policy

Focus on R&D, and create new value with original technology. R&D is becoming more and more important to respond to the recent turning points in economic and market environments and to achieve a global leap forward. We meet the needs of various industries and society by supplying highly functional products with high originality.

Based on our core technologies cultivated as a pioneer of surfactants, we are making efforts to deepen our technologies using various techniques in synthesis, polymerization, high pressure reactions, purification, and emulsification, and are taking on the challenge of advancing and expanding these technologies.

Our R&D offers more advanced products to customers in a wide range of fields through research approached from the two perspectives of “Increasing the functionality of existing products that make full use of newly created technologies,” and “Creating new functional products using innovative technology. ” Going forward, we will strive to strengthen our unique and original technologies to respond in a timely manner to societal needs that change with the times based on these approaches.